THE VALENTINE SISTERS have been surviving as usual, though this month has been a bit harder than usual on the sisters. A number of peculiar happenings occured, too.

ASTRA and THE LOCKETTSIDE VALKYRIES vailantly defended their home base, St Alexander’s Hospital in Lockettside, from the vile and coordinated attacks of THE DEAD, but after days of overwhelming pressure, both St Alexander’s and the adjacent Tompson Mall were broken into and ransacked. Since then, the Valkyries have been on the run, taking shelter in adjacent suburbs, and doing their best to stay alive, with mixed results.

NAOMI found several long-term projects to keep herself busy. After waging a construction war on some of the local zombies in the far western suburbs, she travelled to some more central, north-western suburbs, citing “an utter lack of anything worth my time there” as her reason for moving. Keeping her skills keen by slaughtering enemies along her travels, she arrived at LUKINSWOOD, before becoming involved in a violent and bloody conflict in Ackland Mall. Succumbing to the injuries of her many battles, Naomi was killed in all the chaos, but it was not long before she had been revived. Her current project is to acquire a fabled “DNA extractor” from an abandoned NecroTech building, though presently, her luck in finding one has been “even worse than Astra’s aim”.

LACIE found herself invited to participate in some of ROFTWOOD’s local groups’ “festivities”. Having spent a significant amount of time accumulating skills and experience, she had familiarised herself with most aspects of Malton’s living society, and was quite comfortable partaking in community events. Perhaps the most noteworthy was a “field trip” over to the even more infamous RIDLEYBANK, on what could charitably be called a “neighbourhood cleanup”. Lacie and her friends fixed up a great number of run-down buildings, as part of their efforts to improve the standard of living (and decrease the quantity of dead) in the Greater Roftwood Area.

Surprisingly, it was KARA VALENTINE that was busiest out of all the sisters… or so it is heard. Apparently, during her research, she came across some ancient documents that detailed a means of connecting with Malton in a way unlike any that had been seen before. With this new information, she commenced work on a grand project, known only as “ghostmind” - a powerful tool that would aid her sisters in their survival endeavours.

Such a tool would be incredibly beneficial in the right hands, and as such, it is alleged that this technology will be made available to a select few people during its initial deveopment, so as to gauge its suitability for use by Malton’s citizens at large.

It is likely that information regarding this topic will be more thoroughly confirmed and dispensed in the near future. Interested parties would do well to stay tuned.

In addition to this large venture, Kara’s research led to the discovery of a powerful new strategy for dealing with hordes in buildings.

Disappointingly enough, AN IMPOSTOR was sighted on the streets of Malton. THE VALENTINE SISTERS are a trio, and this evident fake is not one of them.

It is not hard to imagine how the real Kara would feel about this.