It’s a very exciting time for Australian Netrunner players this week - the Netrunner Nationals tournament for 2018 in Australia is on this weekend in Melbourne!

Around this time, folks are flying in from all corners of the country to participate in what will be the last ever official Australian Nationals tournament, scheduled on Saturday, 13 October.

There are two factors of note that should make this a particularly interesting tournament. First is the new Most Wanted List - a list of cards that are restricted or banned from tournament decks. This most recent MWL was released just prior to the Worlds tournament in September, and has proven to be one of the most dramatic MWL releases so far, with numerous popular cards having their legality shifted.

The current MWL, version 2.2.

The current MWL, version 2.2.

In addition to the MWL, the second factor is an assortment of new Champion cards (available through proxying for those without physical copies). Each card features an exciting and unique design, made through collaboration by Fantasy Flight Games and the winners of previous tournaments. Some of the cards have already been incorporated into some competitors’ strategies (Border Control, Slot Machine, Crowdfunding), so there’s a good chance some of the decks present at the tournament will be totally unprecedented.

With some sweet prizes up for grabs and a large number of competitors, the tournament is shaping up to be a heated event.

If you’re a competitor, I wish you the best of luck! If you’re a spectator or on the fence, this event is very special to the community here, and is well worth your time. Either way, hopefully I’ll see you there!


You can find out more info by visiting the event page on Facebook.