Hello, readers. Today, for you, I have some sad news.

Effective immediately, I’m announcing an indefinite suspension of my contributions to Urban Dead and its community. This decision has not been made lightly, and warrants an elaboration, so as to dissuade further harm from being done.

I’ve been an active participant in the community for about six months, after a long hiatus. In this time I’ve created three new characters, joined several groups, spent a lot of time around other players, and even worked on a custom desktop client for the game. It’s been something I’ve given a lot of energy to, which is evident to anyone that’s seen me in and around the various community groups that exist.

It was something that I was proud of contributing to. It was something that brought me great hope - that a group of strangers on the internet could come together to play a web MMO that was over a decade old, that had been all but abandoned by its creator. It was something magical to see: all these people, keeping a derelict of ages past alive, with their passion and vibrant energy.

In my time as a part of this community, I made a couple of close friends, that made playing the game a true joy. I’m thankful for the good times that I shared with them.

Unfortunately, over time, a significant quantity of bad actors have accumulated. Some have let down their colleagues in their duties as leaders. Others have exhibited truly repulsive, vile behaviour, with no interest in owning their actions. Whether by bad attitudes or bad behaviour, the actions of these players has irreparably damaged both my own and others’ experiences within Urban Dead’s environment.

I’ve come to realise that this is the norm, and not the exception, among these crowds. Of course, there are some exceptionally good people who play Urban Dead, but they are few and far between, even among the more active areas of the community.

I’ve tried my best to coexist with some of the less stellar members of the community, to no avail. Past a point, incompatibilities arise, and in my case, continuing to participate in this environment would have meant compromising on both moral and ethical grounds. That’s something no person should ever be asked to do, no matter the circumstances.

To that end, and with no further reasons to stay, I’ve decided taking my leave is the best course of action.

I’m sorry it came to this. I’d had hopes that things would work out better. Sadly that was not the case.

My work on ghostmind will similarly be suspended - there’s little point continuing work on a tool for a community I no longer see value in contributing to.

As always, if you need to reach me, I’m Archmage#6969 on Discord.