Here are the notable projects I've worked on.



A large iOS project, written in Objective-C and Swift 2. My part in the project involved:

JobsheetMaker -

A customisable CSV to PDF converter, designed and developed to a client's specifications. It was written in Scala, using JavaFX.

I was the sole developer on this project. My duties included:


Drones -

A "game framework" project, designed to work under a user-implemented interface. Written in Scala.

Hundred -

A curious game with a hundred participants, abnormal spacetime and random loot. Written in Java.


JTask -

A fairly straightforward todo manager for personal use. Written in Java, using JavaFX.

Commander -

A command-line interface (CLI) framework for general use. Written in Java.

Ancestor -

A collection of abstract game concepts to be used at a low level by bigger projects. Written in Scala.

In addition to the above, a large portion of my work is available on my GitHub as public open-source repositories. Feel free to look at them in more detail!

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