In MALTON, the city of endless hunger, war rages between the living and the dead. Safety is scarce, danger is abundant, and the comforts of civilisation are few and far between. Survivors stave off death by any means, while the dead surge across the suburbs in great hordes, sowing great chaos and destruction.

THE VALENTINE SISTERS are a trio of talented, passionate and persistent survivors who reside in Malton. Doomed by a terrible curse that activates if they are ever near another sister, they live out separate lives in different suburbs, though each is only a phonecall away.

ASTRA VALENTINE, the eldest, is a trained nurse who spends her days tending to wounded survivors. Her gentle smile and kind brown eyes help calm her patients. She has long brown curly hair, is of above average height, and is quite curvy. She is at home in hospitals and laboratories, moving with purpose and stability. In combat, she has difficulty staying calm.

NAOMI VALENTINE, the middle sibling, is a ruthless hunter who roams the streets and slaughters any zombies in her path. At a height well below average, she relies on guns to dispatch her foes. She has short blonde hair, vivid blue eyes and a focused stare. With her lithe figure, she is light on her feet and highly mobile. When it comes to social interactions, she struggles a lot.

LACIE VALENTINE, the youngest, is a talented generalist whose coquettish demeanour belies both an extroverted nature and a high level of self-confidence. She thrives on her interactions with others, preferring to be flexible with her contributions. Her voluptuous figure and long auburn hair draw the attention of both survivors and zombies. She is quite squeamish and dislikes blood.

It is said that there is a mysterious fourth sister, residing in a universe beyond that of Malton’s. The rumors refer to her by the name KARA VALENTINE, and say that she watches over all three of her sisters in Malton, helping to guide their actions. Evidence of her existence has not been found, however. Whether she is real or not remains yet to be seen.