Hey folks. I figured it might be nice to start writing longer-form update-type posts. I’m tentatively calling them Checkpoints. They’ll mostly cover whatever’s been happening across all fronts for me.


I’ve been pretty busy with work lately. Right now I’m doing some consultancy work as a Scala Developer, which is pretty much my dream job and something I’ve wanted to do for quite a few years. It’s been fun, challenging, tiring and rewarding in varying quantities.

I’ve not been doing too much work on this site, but I’m probably going to look into doing tag things eventually. I’d like to have tags apply custom theming to items in the list views of my site, but that’s probably complicated enough to warrant a few hours on a weekend or something. Similarly, I still need to write that micropost renaming bash script…


Games-wise, I’ve been powering through some of my older games. No Man’s Sky had its Beyond update recently, so I made a new file and rushed to endgame gear to see how the game differs. It’s a lot of the same, sadly - the things that changed were things I didn’t really mind. The biggest change that affected me was the addition of unlock trees for a bunch of systems. They unified a lot of item progression stuff, which I appreciated a lot. I’ve mostly stopped playing it solo for now, having had my fun, but I’ve got a multiplayer save going with my brother, which has been nice.

I’ve been working on Diablo 3 seasonal things, too. I have a nice Necromancer that’s been a lot of fun to play and learn, and a couple of friends have joined me in messing about with it. I have long-term ambitions to complete all the set dungeons with each character, but that’ll likely take some significant time.

Recently I’ve revisited Hollow Knight, in the hopes of conquering its many achievements. The main thing I’m working on at the moment is beating Steel Soul (permadeath mode) with 100% completion, which involves a lot of sidequests and some hard bosses. It’s going to take some practice, but I’ve been streaming it in places, and having a lot of fun with its difficulty.


I’ve been hanging out with friends every week for some board games, which has been really nice. I need to find a board game to bring this week though!! If anyone has any suggestions for chill card/board games to bring to a board games night at a pub, I’d be eager to hear them!

I’m still hoping to move closer to work sometime soon. The one-hour commute each way is taking its toll on my lifestyle. I’m not sure I’ll end up finding a place though - the housing market seems really competitive from a rental perspective at the moment, and where I’m looking is definitely a popular part of town.

Balancing the obligations of adult life and the needs of my human vessel is challenging. I’ve been seriously run down at the end of each week, and have needed to spend significant time recovering, leaving me nearly no spare time to repair any of the things that are broken in my life. It’s been a struggle to keep the lights on, in a lot of ways.


That’s all for now. Look forward to more witty, heartfelt micropost content from yours truly. o/