Today I came across a charming little roguelike on r/roguelikedev called “Lair of the Spider Queen”. It’s a short, simple roguelike where you play as a spider queen and face a horde of goblins.

I’ve been meaning to try games from the subreddit for a while, but it took until today to find a game small and accessible enough.

It was really cool to see u/__ChrisLR__’s work presented to the sub. The game itself has some neat mechanics, conveys enjoyably believable feelings of being a spider, and becomes quite silly towards the end as your army of spiders eagerly devour hopelessly outnumbered goblins. In particular there’s a web-shooting mechanic that lets you grab enemies from afar and fling them into walls or each other. It’s got a whole bunch of depth - if you pull an enemy towards you, you turn them into a cocoon, which your baby spiders can infest to become stronger. If you hit a wall rather than an enemy, you can fling yourself across the map - even into enemies to stun them!

I love finding weird little games like this.